What are binary options?
Why Binary Options?
What is an asset?
How can I view my account transaction history for credits and charges?
How can I view my balance?
Can I try making a trading on Demo account?
What will Chartoption do for me if closing price can’t be made at the same time of closing trading?
Can I just set up one account only for Chartoption Binary Options?
How many times are there for closing trading within a day?
Can I cancel the trading after having purchased?
What is the advantage of Binary Options trading?
When can I confirm profit in my trading?
Do I have to set up a new account to trade in Binary Options if I’ve already have an account in Chartoption ?


What is the payout for the options traded?
What is a CALL option?
What is a put option?
What is an 'in-the-money' expiry?
What is an ‘out-of-the-money’ expiry?
What is an 't-the-money' expiry?
How can I make a trade?
What return will I get in case of a successful investment?
What return will I get if an option expires out of the money?
What are the rates displayed in the trading boxes?
What is the expiration rate?
What is the expiration time?
Why do some assets have different payouts, isn’t the risk the same?
Does the sentiment indicator represent an analysis done by professionals, or simply the trades made by people on your sites?
Do you offer barrier options?
Is it possible to open a call and put option on the same option?
Why do the rates continue to change before I make a decision?
Why am I unable to make a trade?
When is option trading available?
Are there any daily limits on buying options?
Accounts in what currency are available for buying options?
What is the difference between a binary option and a stock option?
What are the minimum and maximum values of options?
Can I cancel the purchased option?
What if the activation price is equal to the closing price?